Our Services

We are the premier auto repair shop in Michiana. Our car repair services list includes AC work, alignment, brake service, water pumps and more!

We are pleased to help you save time and money by offering quality automotive repair services. Don’t miss the chance to get your car back on the road at peak performance!  With our experience and state-of-the-art equipment, no auto repair job is too big for us!

General Services...

•  Domestic General Repair

•  Import General Repair

•  Off Road & 4 Wheel Drive

•  Oil Changes

•  Body & Paint

•  Tires & Rims

Heating & Cooling

•  Air Conditioning

•  Belts & Hoses

•  Thermostats

•  Radiators

•  Heaters & more

Transmission Services..

•  Automatic

•  Clutches

•  Front-wheel drive

•  Four-wheel & AW drive

•  Manual/Stick

Internal Engine Services..

•  Cylinder Block

•  Cylinder Head

•  Timing Belt/Chain


General Services cont..

•  Alignment

•  Brakes

•  Chassis

•  Drivetrain

•  Exhaust

•  Shocks & Struts

Electrical Services..

•  Batteries

•  Starters

•  Alternators

•  Diagnostic Wiring

•  Alternators

Electronic Services..

•  Computer

•  Diagnostics

•  Drivability

•  Engine Controls

•  Rheostats & more

Other Services..

•  Engine Replacement

•  Transmission Replacement

•  Maintenance

•  After hours drop off

•  Used car inspection

•  Shuttle Service (within 5 miles)

•  Gift Cards

•  Towing Services

Contact Us - Hours: Mon thru Fri - 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

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NAPA AutoCare is designed with today’s consumers in mind. NAPA knows that a primary concern for consumers is to find a reputable repair business that performs quality work at a fair price. NAPA AutoCare is not a franchise, but rather, a quality standard where independent repair business owners are invited to join based upon their community reputation, integrity, qualifications, and expertise. Wherever your travels may take you, as well as right within your community, you will find a NAPA AutoCare Center that can professionally take care of all your vehicle needs. Consumers consistently select a NAPA AutoCare Center because of the trust and confidence they have in NAPA quality parts and NAPA AutoCare’s commitment to excellence and best in class service. Taking care of your car’s health is an important part of protecting your investment and protecting your family.  

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